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when you are in a hurry and someone wont let the conversation end


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Have you heard? Dreamworks Animation and Studio Mir, the company behind Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra, announced Thursday they will work together to produce up to four new animated television series in the next four years. 

This is huge both because a Korean company has never partnered on such a large scale with an American animation group, and because these shows will be created in 2D animation. I’m ecstatic!

It’s great to see that Korean animation is being taken seriously enough to be treated as a creative equal rather than just as a source of cheap production. Studio Mir’s work is undeniably beautiful, and if Mir’s talent can be combined with the storytelling prowess exhibited in How to Train Your Dragon 2, I will be a very happy customer. 

An article inthe Korea Herald had the following to say: 

“The contract with DreamWorks is meaningful since we will be working as partners,” Studio Mir founder and executive producer Yoo Jae-myung said.

“This has never been done before by a Korean studio.”

 A Studio Mir spokesman said details regarding the titles of the cartoons could not be revealed, but that they would be in 2-D.

This is great news for both companies, since each has had some fairly concerning press in the past few weeks, between the financial troubles of Dreamworks Animation (now under direction of new chief financial officer Fazal Merchant) and the on-again/off-again nature of Korra Book Three, now safely on Nick.com

Speaking of The Legend of Korra, Studio Mir uploaded a lovely picture on Facebook yesterday thanking fans for their support of Book Three. 

From Studio Mir's Facebook page

- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

Hadn’t heard about this at all. That’s awesome.

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Why do you want Cersei to stick around? I love Cersei. For one, I think Lena Headey gives such an amazing performance, and she brings so many different layers to it. It’s a fascinating character. Like, she can be the most terrifying and yet, at the same time, the humanity peaks through. At the end of the day, she’s really a mother protecting her own, you know, and trying to survive as a woman in that environment, as well as that family, it can’t be easy. - Pedro Pascal

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homophobia is stupid. who the hell is afraid of homes

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the only reason i wanna ride a train is because i wanna pretend that everyone is tom hanks like in the polar express

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This is literally cutest thing i ever seen 

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girls are made of sunshine people who dont fit into the gender binary are made of stardust

but what are boys made out of


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cookie dough vodka is so gross bye