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I just don’t want Jack Gleeson to leave! He’s my favorite person, one of my favorite people in the whole cast. I can’t even believe he’s leaving. It upsets me too much. Maybe I’ll never see him again! No, I will see him again, of course. Jack Attack. I’ll see him. I’ll invite him to a concert. How can he refuse? His onscreen girlfriend? He has to! [Laughs.] -Sophie Turner [x]

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make me choose: sansa or shae sansa & shae

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We grew up together in Riverrun.
for sansalayned

Rachel Hurd-Wood and Catelyn Tully
Isolda Dychauk as Lysa Tully
Eddie Redmayne as Edmure Tully
Ryan Cartwright ans Petyr Baelish

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Don’t know if I’m elated or gassy, but I’m somewhere in that zone!

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please don’t feel bad because you feel like you cry too much or that your grades suck or that you eat too much. Sailor Moon had all those flaws but she was a hero and so are you.

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→ The Targaryen women pre GOT// Katheryn Winnick as Visenya, Alyssa Sutherland as Rhaenys, Cate Blanchett as Alysanne, Megan Follows as Rhaenyra, Jessalyn Gilsig as Daena, Viva Biance as Shiera Seastar, Claire Danes as Daenerys I, Joely Richardson as Rhaella

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on a scale from 1 to sansa stark, how much do you regret your childhood crush

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what does html stand for?

hypertext markup language

no i mean like, what does it believe in?

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